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Fluke 289 Digital Multimeter Review

Posted by Brad on December 5 2016, 10:46am

Fluke 289 Multimeter Review

If you are to look for a multimeter that will be your handy tool for every electrical project that you will be called in to provide your assistance on, you will certainly want to be sure that you select the right one only. You know that your choices are plenty, but you do have to remember that with so many options to choose from, things can get pretty overwhelming as well.

You have been interested in getting the Fluke 289 Multimeter. It seems to be getting some favorable reviews from other people that have used it before and from those that have reviewed it separately. This is the reason why you want to take things in-depth this time to see if this is indeed going to be one unit that will work best for you and your needs.

Design Of The Fluke 289

The unit is designed to help you collect live, measurements whenever testing the circuits that you are working on. It allows you to get these readings and the data shared with the rest of your terms without the need for you to have to leave the field. The unit has the mobile app that makes it easier for you to keep your data updated so other people in your team, can get access to them as well. The device offers different rest tools that are meant to measure the mechanical, thermal, as well as the data in vibration.

By now, you should realize why this is considered the top of the line multimeters that Fluke has created. If you are looking for a meter that is going to suit a field where the work is going to be high-pressure and demanding, you know that this is one tool that you can expect to weather things out. It is that efficient.

The Fluke 289 Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 289 Digital Multimeter

Reviews coming from actual people who had the chance to use it for their projects recently are all saying good about it. Such glowing reviews from those who did have the chance to use them ahead of time can certainly hold a lot of weight in the decision-making that you are about to so. They knew how it is going to be like if you will decide to pursue the same unit too for the room.

Its data logging feature has been well-received too. This means that you can take note of measurements for a long time. Not a lot of technicians and electrician are interested in having to refresh their logs every so often. With this unit, you can store a lot, and there is still going to be a lot of episodes coming up.

Do remember that being top of the line hardly means cheap today. If you want to secure such a multimeter that has an impeccable reputation and has players that did manage to move on across the electricians they worked for before. If you want the best, then be prepared for the costs as well. This is because there is a very good chance that this unit can get a wee bit expensive

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