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Why I Chose A Fluke Multimeter With A Clamp

Posted by Brad on December 1 2016, 07:27am

Why I Chose A Fluke Multimeter With A Clamp

The Clamp Arm On The 325 Makes Reading Current A Breeze!

The Clamp Arm On The 325 Makes Reading Current A Breeze!

When I originally got my Fluke, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I knew I had pretty much no idea about electricity other than it runs stuff and it comes from the breaker box which somehow ties into power lines.

Problem is, as I set up my garage for my hobbies I kept popping breakers. Turn something new on and bam! There goes the power. I spent some time trying to get things going, but eventually I just turned to my electrician friend and asked him what to do.

Well, actually my electrician friend lives halfway across country now and wasn’t going to stop in. He recommended I pick up a Fluke multimeter with clamp and get back to him after taking some readings. It's quite widely know that fluke make some of the best multimeters: www.themultimeterguide.com

The Meter

I Googled a bit, still having no real idea what I was doing and I decided to pick up the Fluke 325.

I’d like to say this was from an educated purchase, but actually I just saw someone selling one on Craigslist for cheap. After dealing with the shifty guy I brought the gadget home.

Keep in mind, I really had no idea what I was doing at this point. I mean, I kind of understood the whole 110v thing and I grasped the whole idea of amperage in rare lucid moments but I was far from an expert.


Troubleshooting with the Fluke 325

I bugged my friend to figure out what I needed to know about using the meter and took it out to the garage to see what I could figure out.First I popped open my breaker box and checked to see what the breaker was rated at. Turns out that amperage over the tolerance of a breaker is what causes it to pop.

After some experimentation, and getting yelled at by my wife who was cooking dinner when the power went off in the kitchen, I figured out that the breaker for the garage was rated at 15A.

The thing about a Fluke multimeter with clamp is that it can measure the amperage without having to touch anything. It does this by induction. I don’t really understand how, it’s all wizardry to me, but what it did do was allow me to quickly find out how much amperage everything in the garage was taking.


The Solution

I was running right at the border of 15A the whole time. Once I added everything up, with the TV and game systems on and some of the other stuff I’ve set up out there I was running about 14A.

This means that anytime I tried running anything extra while my stuff was in use, I was overloading the breaker. Using the power of science I had determined that… well, I was still an electrical idiot, but now I knew what had to be done.

I had an electrician install a larger breaker for the circuit, it cost a pretty penny but thanks to the Fluke I was able to diagnose it myself and make sure that I can enjoy my man cave in peace.

One Of The Best Purchases I Have Made Is The Fluke 325 With A Clamp

One Of The Best Purchases I Have Made Is The Fluke 325 With A Clamp

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