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The Multimeter Hub

Multimeters & Digital Measuring Devices

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  • How To Use Your Multimeter To Measure Current, Resistance And Voltage

    14 December 2016

    Multimeters are battery operated and they have the ability to test several different electronic components which makes them the most essential tools for the one who wants to test and repair the electronic circuits Following are the ways to use a digital...

  • Fluke 289 Digital Multimeter Review

    05 December 2016

    Fluke 289 Multimeter Review If you are to look for a multimeter that will be your handy tool for every electrical project that you will be called in to provide your assistance on, you will certainly want to be sure that you select the right one only....

  • Why I Chose A Fluke Multimeter With A Clamp

    01 December 2016

    Why I Chose A Fluke Multimeter With A Clamp The Clamp Arm On The 325 Makes Reading Current A Breeze! When I originally got my Fluke, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I knew I had pretty much no idea about electricity other than it runs stuff and...

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